Seattle Metal Roofing

Most homeowners want a natural, traditional look for their home’s roofing system, a type of aesthetic that is perhaps not usually associated with a metal roof. However, roofing technology has evolved tremendously—in fact, Seattle metal roofing today hardly looks like it’s made from metal at all!

At 2FL Windows & Siding, we are experts at making our metal roofs look more like traditional roofing products. We install metal roofs that feature:

  • Vertical panels
  • Metal that resembles shake and tiles
  • Multiple colors

Superior Tacoma Metal Roofing

If you’ve never considered metal roofing, you may be wondering what makes it a superior choice to more traditional roofing materials.

First, no other material lasts longer than metal. Because Tacoma metal roofing is exceptionally durable, you can expect your installation to last for at least 50 years. In some cases, a metal roof can last up to 100 years! In addition, metal roofing is fire-resistant, surprisingly lightweight, and great at reflecting the rays of the sun away from your home, making it very energy efficient. It’s also nearly maintenance free!

Most metal roofs are made from aluminum and steel, but copper and alloys can also be used in the construction of your new roof. With so many choices, it’s important that you explore all of your options with a member of our experienced team.

Get Special Financing on Your Replacement Roofing

Installing any kind of replacement roofing is no easy task. It can be time consuming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be!

Our crew can get your new roof up in no time, and in most cases we are also able to lighten your financial load by offering attractive financing options. Learn more about all the advantages of a metal roof from 2FL Windows & Siding today. Just give us a call or fill out our online form to learn more, or to get started with a free, no-obligation estimate!

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