Nearly 90% of houses in the USA have AC.

After all, AC has become the basic necessity to battle scorching heat. But it can’t be denied that AC makes up the most of the electricity bill.

The average monthly bill for central AC unit costs $110.88 while window unit costs around $45.60 per month (running for 8 hours a day). A ductless mini-spilt would cost nearly $28.50 per month.

Keeping AC on for most of the times not only add to your bill, but also causes several health problems like chronic headaches, fatigue, dry skin, and infectious respiratory diseases.

However, one can’t simply afford to live without AC when the USA is under the scorching heat wave.

Don’t worry! Here are some simple yet effective ways to keep your home cool. This way, you can minimize the usage of AC.

Keep Windows Open at Night:

Now, this is the point you may find extremely opposite to the starting one. Generally, the temperature comes down during the night in summers. And you can strike the opportunity by opening your windows to let the cool breeze in. But shut the windows in morning when the temperature starts sizzling.

2flwindowsandsidingUse Fan Instead of AC:

Whether it’s a ceiling fan or a table fan, all play a great role to keep your home cooler. They throw the cool air to the areas where it is needed, instead of making the entire house chill out like AC. Starting from ceiling fans, they take the air from the ground to send it to the ceiling, which is prevailed with the hot air. Box fans not only throw out the hot air but bring in the fresh and cool air, when they are placed near windows at night. On the other hand, whole house fan is even effective than the box fan. Make sure to adjust your ceiling fan every season: set them in an anticlockwise position for better results.

Close the Blinds:

The way to cool your home goes through the blinds. Remember nearly 30 percent of unwanted heat enters through the windows, curtains and shades. Keeping them closed means you have reduced your indoor temperature by nearly 15 to 20 percent. Broadly speaking, they don’t let your home to be turned into mini greenhouse only when they are closed.

Turn Off the Appliances:

Turning off your heat generating lights and appliances also help to keep your “den” cool. Switch off them when they are not in use. In this way, you not only keep your home cool but save a lot on the electricity bills. Use several heat and steam generating appliances like ovens, incandescent light, dryers, and washers in limit. You can use grills instead of turning on the 300 plus degree Celsius oven when the mercury is going up.

Plant Trees and Vines:

Plants and trees are the natural cooler shading your home’s exterior, thereby keeping your home cool. You can plant them towards the directions where the sunlight is severe, like the west facing side. Consider planting deciduous tree, which provides an excellent shade in summer and let the sun in temperature -drop in winters (as they shed their leaves). Make sure you’ve planted the trees native to your state as they can survive better in prevailing climate.
Consider the height, root spread and canopy width while planting a tree. Besides, climbing vines like ivy and creeper shield your home exterior against the sun rays at some extent. It’s ideal to plant them nearly 6 to 10 inches away from your dwelling to avoid their stem and root covering your walls.

Dealing with a broken window? Whether it was a wild throw by the children in your neighborhood or it was the freezing of water responsible for that crack, broken glass windows are painful for homemakers. While these shatter the exterior of your property, these can be problematic for maintaining optimal temperature inside.

Hence, if you have recently discovered the unfortunate event of the breaking of a window, you need to get it replaced. Though many homeowners would immediately call up a home improvement company in Washington, yet you can give it a try yourself. Want to know how?

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to replace a broken window:

Step 1: Remove the Broken Glass
  • Broken glass
  • Before you start with replacement, it is important to first remove a cracked pane of glass. For this you need to remove the putty from the window frame. Use a putty knife, wood chisel, or jackknife to remove every trace. To make sure you don’t get injured use protective gloves to protect your hands against cuts. Once you are done with putty removal, take out the broken glass.

    Pro tip: For those stubborn areas, use heat to soften the putty. You can run a blow dryer along the putty and then with chisel pull away the remaining putty from the wood frame.


Step 2: Prepare Your Older Frames
  • Older Window Fram
  • With the help of a small paintbrush, apply a heavy coat of linseed oil. Then leave oil to be completely soaked before proceeding further. Actually, linseed oil is helpful to maximize the life of the putty and prevents evaporating or drying out of the same. So saturate the wood with linseed oil to make it last much longer.

Step 3: Add New Putty Layer
  • Wall Putty layer
  • After oiling apply a very thin layer of putty around the frame. The base layer doesn’t need to be too thick as it is meant to provide a cushion for the new glass which has to be inserted. Basically, it will prevent the air from leaking around the glass. Hence, if you add a thick layer, it might swell or smudge, which could further impact clarity and visibility.

Step 4: New Glass Installation
  • window-glass-replacement
  • Remember, the replacement glass has to be exactly the right size. For this let the professional cut it to the size required. You can then insert the new windowpane into the frame. Press it firmly with one hand and use your free hand to insert Glazier’s points every 4 inches on each side. This will help secure the pane firmly. Or you can consider taking help of your partner or a friend, to avoid any risks. Start with the Glazier’s point using the point of a putty knife or a glazing tool.

Step 5: Preparing Putty
  • Wall Putty
  • Now when you have to place the putty, ensure the consistency to be dry and thick enough. In case, it is too stiff, you can thin it accordingly. Using an old piece of glass or a kneading board, work the putty into right shape and consistency. It has to be completely pliable and free of lumps. When ready, roll the prepared mixture into pencil-size strips and apply it in one corner of the window frame. Smooth it using a knife and hold the glazing tool at an angle for a smooth job. Cover the Glazier’s points nicely and if required you can paint the putty later.

    So replacing a window can be a manageable task. However, you need to be little more careful and follow the above stated steps with the right tools.

    If you need any kind of professional assistance, feel free to get in touch with 2FL Windows & Siding. Being a locally owned and operated home improvement company in Washington, we can serve you with all sorts of window replacement and installation services.

Are you looking to install vinyl siding on your own? Or you are looking for DIY ideas for a vinyl siding? Well, you can install vinyl siding on your own. However, do it yourself only when you have basic handyman skills like cutting, nailing and measuring. One more thing—do it only when you are confident enough.

This blog will cover important tools, preparations, and installation of vinyl siding.



  • Folding Ruler
  • Metal Square
  • Claw Hammer
  • Tin Snips
  • Power Saw
  • Chalk Line
  • Measuring Tape
  • Level
  • Utility Knife
  • Pliers
  • Nail Slot Punch
  • Saw
  • Hacksaw
  • Stepladder
  • Sawhorses
  • Pry Bar


  • Flashing
  • Building Paper
  • Corrosion Resistant Nails
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Vinyl Corners and Trim for Windows and Doors
  • Termination Trim

Prepare the Home for Installation

First of all, prepare the exterior of your home for vinyl siding installation. Here’s how…

  • Remove old caulk from around doors and windows.
  • Tighten loose boards and replace rotting ones.
  • Remove fixtures like exterior lights, molds, mailbox, house number, and downspouts.
  • Make sure the wall has a compatible finish for siding for vinyl siding.

Important Things to Keep in Mind before Getting Started

  • Leave an extra 0.06 cm gap between siding panels and accessories as vinyl siding expands and contract with a change in temperature.
  • Don’t drive the nails too tightly. There should be a gap of 0.2 cm between the nail head and the siding to avoid waves from occurring in the panels.
  • Drive the nail in the appropriate slot keeping them straight rather than crooked.

STEP 1: Install J Channel Pieces under the Fascia (a Point Where Siding Contacts a Soffit or Roof at an Angle) 

  • Keep the nails centered in the channel slot while the nail heads should be 1.6 mm out.
  • Box-type soffits will require a second J channel strip to be installed from the fascia to the edge of the home.
  • Install two J-channels diagonally where the corners of the roof and house meet.

STEP 2: Measure, Cut and Install the Soffit Pieces:

Install the Soffit Pieces

  • Measure and cut the pieces for soffit out of the vinyl siding. Cut them ¼ inch shorter than the actual length of the soffit as they expand in warm weather.
  • Fit each panel into the J-channel pressing them into the channel. You can also bend them if necessary. You can also use a pry bar if you have difficulty in pressing them.
  • Use galvanized or painted nails to secure the top edge of the fascia pieces.

STEP 4: Siding the Wall:

Siding the Wall

  • Use measure tape to measure the length of the walls from the eaves to the bottom to find out the number of panels you required.
  • Once you have decided the starting point for the siding, drive a nail through a point for starting height and draw a chalk line around the perimeter of the house.
  • Attach a piece of plywood nearly 89 mm thick along the top of the chalk line to hold out the bottom of the first-row siding.
  • Nailed the starter strip to the plywood leaving 0.6 cm gap between each starter strip.

STEP 5: Installing the Corner Posts:

Siding the Wall

  • Place 12.7 mm foam sheathing strips on both sides of each corner. Afterward, install your corner siding pieces to these strips.
  • The corner posts will go 1.9 cm below the bottom of the starter strip to just beneath the eaves, after the installation of soffit pieces.
  • Corner siding pieces should be completely straight before you secure them to the adjoining walls, going from top to bottom.
  • Install J-channel around doors and windows by placing them snugly against the casing before nailing them to the wall.

STEP 6: Start Installing the Wall Siding:


Installing the Wall Siding

  • Make sure to apply insulation materials to the walls before you install the siding.
  • Measure and cut the siding’s length to keep them 12.7 mm away from the vertical trim pieces. Leave 1.0 cm gap if you living in freezing conditions.
  • Get the bottom row of panels into place, hooking the bottom lip of each panel under the starting strip. Use nails every 40.6 cm across the siding to secure the panels.
  • Overlap to adjoining panels by about 25.40 mm.


STEP 7: Install Siding Around Windows:



  • Cut sections from the panels directly above and below as you reach to a window.
  • Hold the slide against the window so that you can mark the width for the right measurements. Make sure to leave 0.6 cm of clearance on either side of these marks.
  • Measure the height of the slide you need to cut by keep the pieces beneath and above the window and make marks accordingly leaving an additional 0.6 cm.
  • Use a saw to make the vertical cuts on the siding panel while the horizontal cut will be made with a utility knife. Cut out the piece of the slide. Place those pieces of siding above and below the windows.


STEP 8: Installing the Top Siding Row

Siding Row

Measure and cut the piece to fit as you reach the top row of siding. All you need to measure the distance between the top of the under-sill trim and the lock on the next panel down. Make sure to leave an additional 0.6 cm. Slide the bottom edge of the panel into the panel below while the top edge will go under the under-sill trim.

So these are the DIY method to install vinyl siding. However, as we have said earlier, do this only if you have faith in your skills and confidence as well. Otherwise, it is better to get it done by an experienced vinyl siding installer. You can even call them if you feel it complicated in the middle of the project.

What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below.




Replacement windows are one of the crucial home improvements you make. However, it is not easy to choose the one due to the overwhelming numbers and claims made by the manufacturers.

How to tell if the certain replacement windows are the best?

If you are looking or the highest quality replacement windows, you can follow the guidelines set by the American Architectural Manufacturers Associations and the National Manufacturers Association. They provide valuable information to help homeowners determine and compare the energy performance of not just windows, but also lights and doors. The best thing about them is that they provide an unbiased and uniform rating.

So what features they look in a window? Why each criterion does matter? Based on their evaluation, here we have come up with this guide to help you make the right decision when it comes to replacing windows.

Sound Transmission Class (STC):


Vinyl Siding in Kent

STC ratings are used to find out how much sound escapes through a material. These ratings are common for building products like walls, doors, and windows. Double-paned windows have STC ratings between 28 and 35. Choose the glass with more thickness and airspace to more soundproof benefit.


Visible Transmittance (VT):


A window’s VT determines the incoming of light through it. VT is scaled from 0 to 1. Higher VT means the higher transmission of the light. For examwindow replacementple, an ordinary sheet of clear glass comes with a VT of .93, meaning that 93 percent of the light that falls on the glass will pass through. Different type of glasses has different VTs. Adding tint or coating to the glass can affect the efficiency of the glass.


Air Leakage (AL):


 vinyl window replacement

Air leakage or AL rating is based on the cubic feet of air passing through a square foot of window area. Heat loss and gain are caused by infiltration through cracks present in the window assembly. Generally, lower AL will minimize the loss of less conditioned air to outside while restricted the access of outside air inside.

Condensation Resistance or CR:

Condensation Resistance or CR is used to determine the ability of a window to resist condensation on the surface located inside. Prefer the window with higher CR rating as they are better at resisting the formation of condensation.


U-Factor is used to measure the rate of heat transfer and insulation of the window. Commonly falls between 0.30 and 1.20, windows with the lowest U-Factor are great at insulating and heat resistance. Plus, these windows keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient or SHGC:


vinyl windows

The SHGC of a window is used to determine its efficiency in blocking heat caused by sunlight. If a window has a lower SHGC, it would transmit the less solar heat. Homeowners who reside in a warm climate require windows with a low SHGC to avoid getting overheated. In cooler areas, prefer the one with lower SHGC as it will let your home stay warmer in winter.

So these are some ratings or factors to make an informed decision when it comes to window replacement. What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below.

Warped or damaged window sash, fogged glass and decreased energy efficiency are the indications that you need to change your windows.

Driven by the resolution to get your window changed on weekend, you randomly choose any replacement company.

However, finding the right window replacement company is overwhelming, especially in today’s scenario when there are so many to choose from. And if you’re replacing your windows for the very first time, make sure to know your need. You can talk to your family and friends for getting recommendations. After all, replacement windows are important for your safety, home, and comfort.

Apart from that, it is important to conduct your own research.

And these are the points to consider in your research.



Choose the company you can trust.

This is because there are some companies who may disappoint with their inferior practices and inexperienced workers. While the things may look fixed up, for the time being, you can experience conveniences due to their faulty work down the road.

This is why you should choose the company that you can trust. First of all, they should be experienced and have positive reviews as well. Also, ask for references to find out if they are a reliable company.


Cost -2fl

Replacing window is a significant investment, and you want your new window look great and last longer. While you are likely to get them on cheaper rates, bargain windows may not of that quality. Frankly speaking, a high-quality window will cost you more.

Coming to the cost of window replacement, it can cost you anywhere between $450 and $600 including installment. However, wood windows are more expensive as they can cost you between $800 and $100 per installation. And add extra $50-$100 if the entire window and framing has to be removed.

Glass Options:


Many window companies talk about their energy efficient window glasses. Make sure they can live up to their claims. Energy efficient windows come with actual ENERGY STAR® certification. Besides, check the actual specification and ratings of the glass so you can set other options on the comparison. Also, consider your climate and home environment. Will your window be prone to extreme temperature? Is noise a concern? Are you looking for more strength with impact-resistant window glass? Compare the glass of each brand according to your requirements.

Certified Installations:

No matter how the highest quality window you have, a poor installation can affect its performance or the way it looks. Some window manufacturers certify their installers to expertly install for their products. These installing companies are supposed to be trained and expert in the company’s windows. Further, the companies may also train and certify contractors for window installations for larger remodels. Therefore, it is important to check the certifications of your installer so that you can be assured of their quality.




Most homeowners are not aware of a product’s warranty until they come across a problem in it. Therefore, a good manufacturer’s warranty is helpful down the road. However, the length and conditions of a warranty are varied by a manufacturer. Having a strong warranty means that the replacement company has faith and confidence in their products.

So these are the things to look for in your window replacement company. Luckily, we live up to all these metrics given above. We at 2Fl offer high quality bonded and insured window installation and replacement services. Our services are available for residential and commercial projects.

So wait no more and call us now at 866 – 908 – 2440 to get your window replaced in Washington and around.

Like a savvy homeowner, you must be looking for the window that not only gives a great view but also ensures ventilation and energy efficiency. Then, quality is the last thing you should worry about.

Well, vinyl windows just tick all these boxes.

You may be wondering what the benefits of vinyl windows.

Vinyl window, as the name suggests, are the frames made from polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, the same plastic used in making plumbing and electrical pipes. PVC is comprised of several fillers, plasticizers, and chemicals. All these materials are available in different grades in terms of quality. More superior quality means you have to pay more.

Here we have rounded up the benefits of vinyl windows.

Vinyl Windows Require Low Maintenance:

Vinyl Windows Require

Vinyl windows save you repair and maintenance cost in the long run. Unlike wooden windows, they don’t require regular paintings and sealing. Unlike aluminum windows, they don’t rust or corrode.

Their color won’t chip or peel. All you need to wipe the frame with a damp cloth. You can rest assured that the window will last for years.

Vinyl Windows Resist Extreme Weather Conditions:

Another striking benefit of vinyl window is that they resist extreme weather conditions. They aVinyl Windowsre not likely to warp or rot when they exposed to harsh weather elements. They also provide insulation, meaning that you can save money on your energy bills in the long run.

Vinyl Windows are Affordable:

Vinyl windows won’t dent your budget. You get the best value for money by choosing high-quality vinyl windows. You also save money on maintenance and repairs as they are durable than other window materials. They create the best balance between features and cost.

Vinyl Windows are Easy to Customize:

Vinyl windows are available to your choices, no matter if you are looking for a sleek type, traditional type or wooden type. Plus, you can get them in any color with any handle shape.

Vinyl Windows are Available in a Variety of Styles:

You can have them installed in any way, any style you prefer. Some of the popular vinyl window styles are…

  • Awning
  • Single Casement
  • Single Slider
  • Double Hung
  • Bay Bow
  • Single Hung


Vinyl Windows are great for Environment:

Vinyl Windows 2fl

Vinyl windows consume less energy and emit fewer greenhouse gases in production. They also improve energy efficiency when they are installed. Besides, they can be easily recycled when it comes to replacing them. This is why vinyl windows are a great choice for the homeowners who are looking for an eco-friendly alternative.

Are you a fan of Hardie sidings?

Well, you are not alone as more than 5 million American homes have this popular siding. Thanks to its durability, low maintenance and long life than other siding types. Also termed as a cement board siding, it was invented by James Hardie. It is weather resistant and adds to your home’s curb appeal.

However, it is equally true that it is one of the expensive sidings. For example, Hardie board siding costs $10 per square foot, meaning that it costs around $12,000 to install it over a 1200 square foot wall.

Luckily, you can save on the cost of Hardie board with the below given tricks.

Shop Around:

Try to get multiple Hardie board installation quotes. This is because different sellers will have different prices for the same product. In fact, they may overcharge you. Top of that, a salesperson may add to that price in order to earn commissions.

Make sure to get quotes from the different vendors. And one more thing—don’t settle on the price. Use you negotiation skills to bring the price lower.

Approach Your Contractor:

James Hardie

Contractors often get the boards on better prices, thanks to their networking and loyalty to some vendors. If you know anyone, ask them to purchase Hardie siding for you. Given that they purchase the material in significant volume, the supplier is likely to give them discount.

Choose the Right Type:

Generally, there are two forms of Hardie siding. One of them is Factory type which is painted at the factory. The other one is Pre-Primed or unpainted which is usually painted by a customer or a contractor after the installation. Factory painted siding is expensive than pre-primed. It can cost you anywhere between $190 and $160 per square.

However, if you factor in the cost of expensive paint and contractor labor to get your siding painted, the primed option will cost you at least a few thousand dollars extra.

If you are not conscious about a particular set of custom color that is not available at the manufacturer, opt for the pre-painted option. As an added bonus, pre-painted siding will retain its original look for years. To keep unpainted siding look attractive, you need to spend on expensive premium paint.

Buying Siding Should Be Separated from Hiring Labor:

vinyl siding contractors seattle

Generally, a contractor adds 10-20% material surcharge into their final price if they provide both labor and materials.

However, purchasing materials separately from the labor can save you $2,000-3,000 on an average. Make sure to order according to your requirement. While estimating a siding for your house, don’t ignore the windows from the total area—this will help cover wastage.

Look for a reasonable price quote for labor from your contractor, and then approach them to help you figure out the right quantity of the materials. This is an optimal way to avoid being short on the supply or getting extra than your requirement.

Purchase and Install During the Slow Seasons:

The time from November through January is generally a slow season for every home improvement business. Most people prefer buying gifts, planning holidays, and saving money over home improvement or construction. Then the construction jobs are generally few and far between. As the contractors look for more business, it’s the right time to get Hardie board on cheaper price comparative to the busy time of the year.

Look for Other Brands:

James Hardie is the original owner and seller of Hardie boards. However, there are many cheaper brands available in market you can try. They are generally 10-20% cheaper.



Worried for your dirty windows?


Clean Your WindowsWhile the new windows might seem easier to take care of, but once they get past their “breaking in” time, it can be really difficult to manage their cleanliness. It is impossible to keep them away from dust and dirt. Then it can be due to the change in weather, or even when the fogged windows are wiped off with dirty hands, which make cleaning a tricky task. Other problems you might be facing with your windows could be due to the birds sitting on them, the residues left by centipedes, caterpillars, millipedes, snails or even those spiders forming cobwebs right there.

So you have ample reasons to plan for a cleanliness drive for your windows. Isn’t it? And next comes the question – how to get it done?

How to deep clean your windows?

deep clean your windowsWhether you are working or a homemaker, cleaning of windows can be a hassle. While it can be difficult to reach those high points, near the ceilings, it can be unsafe to play with the glass. What if you leave some scratches on your new windows? Sounds risky?

It is advisable to seek professional assistance. Need some more reason for why to choose professional window cleaners?  Here is something to help you make a wise decision.

No need to buy any equipment: Simply, the window cleaning professionals have all the required, proper equipment. They can make the windo2flwindowsandsidingw glass completely spotless in sometime. Also they have all those necessary resources to reach your windows from the outside. So you don’t have to worry for those hard to reach ones. You can expect the professionals make all of your windows spotlessly cleaned. Now you don’t have to take the risk, trying to erect a traditional ladder for the same purpose.

Time efficient process: It is not just about wiping off the dust. When it comes to deep cleaning, it will take reasonably good time. And you might have to repeat the process, if required. Doing it by yourself will definitely waste your entire day when you are cleaning all the windows of your home.  But the professional team you hire comes with advanced tool and are experienced enough to get the job done in a fraction of the time. So you can easily escape the time consuming task and spend the day with your family or doing something more important.


Less stress, better results: In many cases, homeowners find that after hours of toiling with cleaning, the results are not as expected. Why risking injury when professional cleaning can help 2flwindowsandsidingeliminate that problem with ease. Having the complete knowledge of the different techniques t to clean the different types of windows, it is an easy work for experts. Let them handle it.

Licensed and bonded services: It is quite understood that your window glass is not an inexpensive thing to replace. Being more prone to accidents, these can be dangerous to work with, no matter how careful you are. For instance, if you crack or completely shatter your windows while cleaning, you will have to spend a good amount of money to get it replaced. Why take the risk? You can just go for the professional cleaners as they offered services covering such damages.


What are you thinking? Give the job to the professionals to enjoy clean windows. And you can enjoy your saved time the way you want.

When it comes to home improvement projects, there are many options available. Among all of them if you want to go for something which makes your home more energy efficient, meanwhile helps you save more money, replacing your old windows can be fruitful. Just have a sneak peek at some of the outstanding reasons to have windows replacement done. 

  1. Energy efficiency: Today conserving energy is a major concern. What if you get a chances to save more money while option green living? Yes, new windows come with higher insulation value as compared to the older windows. The usage of energy efficient windows will ensure that heat stays in and cold stays out. So it will help you save an average of 15% on the total energy costs every month.

Energy efficiency 2flwindowsandsiding

2. More UV protection: There is a lost harm UV rays can cause to your home. If overlooked, this might result into irreversible fading and cracking damage of your upholstery, carpet, and furniture. Having installed new replacement windows will reflect these harmful ultraviolet rays efficiently. Hence, you and your belongings will get a safer zone. And in the long run it saves your money too. How? Now you won’t have to change the damaged furniture or carpet to frequently.


3. Better privacy: While the new replacement windows reduce the chances of heat loss, it also reduces the ability to hear outside noise in the home. This means, these windows will obstruct inside noises from moving outside. In short, it keeps your conversations more private. Using them will give your home a respite from noise pollution. It is a win-win situation for those living in bustling cities.

Better privacy


4. Enhanced security: Use of mew windows will provide better safety and security. These days the window frames are either made of wood or vinyl. Also they come with a really harder sealing around the panes. As these are adjoined, it will become difficult for anyone to break into the home.

Enhanced security


5. Fewer maintenance hassles: The efforts and money you use in repairing, painting, and maintaining old windows can be saved. It is possible for you to cut down on the hassles of climbing a ladder to paint and clean your windows. 


Lastly, if you are following the myth that it will be a real pain to replace old or deteriorating windows, you just need professionals by your side. Doing it yourself might make it a mess at your home. But getting it done by experts will ensure quality windows and proper installation. At 2 FL Windows and Siding you will benefit with most dedicated services carried out by experienced technicians. Working with a window specialist provides access to:

  • Correct installation
  • Advanced techniques and tools
  • Property protection and clean up after installation

With this, now you get energy efficient vinyl windows with an exclusive offer of Buy 3 get 1 free installation. Isn’t that amazing? Book now.


Find 9 Benefits of Energy Efficient Home Replacement Windows



Did you come to know from your friends or an internet browsing directed you to an Energy Efficient Windows? You would not know that how much of the benefits can be reaped from the new generation windows and why it is important to change your old window glasses. Let us give u a few reasons to change your old glass windows.

The look of a house and its window plays a very important role in recognizing the era you are living in. The windows have been very iconic in every sort of building the humankind has and it describes the temperament, culture and time. With new window technology now we can have 9 Benefits of Energy Efficient Home Replacement Windows-like.

  1. The Upgraded Style:

The wooden pane windows are old school now, now to bring the change to your home you need to have this Energy Efficient Windows and then when we talk about more options, this single category comes with options like:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglas
  • Composite
  • Decorative
  1. Remodeling Options:

Modern models can be brought up with new functionality. The fixed windows can be replaced with new models that provide far better ventilation and an improved air circulation throughout the home.

cascade windows spokane wa3. Added Comfort

What comfort a window can provide? You might notice that when sitting next to an old window, it offers a chilly or drafty during the colder months and when it comes to summer, the sun would make the rooms and surface a furnace.

The modern Insulated Windows that comes with double and triple panes, keeps the room differ from such elements. The Argon filled glasses helps it to keep the home comfortably warm. The Low-E coatings prevent a range of sunlight to enter through and the summer sun would not work against your air-conditioner.

4. Reduced Noise

These glasses come with spaces between the panes that do more than a simple insulation against the temperature. The windows help to dampen the street noise and other loud sounds.

For the home in cities and the neighborhoods that are built close together can take a full advantage of such glasses. With such insulation, if the neighbors are even having a party, you still can have a sound sleep.


vpi vinyl5. Less Condensation

The humidity is one of the most unbearable problems we survive during the summers. It is not that convenient to have an air-conditioned on for the entire day. Not only that, you might have noticed that Kitchen and bathrooms are the first places that collect moisture and start damaging the walls or tiles.

There are damages more than you can even imagine. Replacing fixed windows with sliding alternatives can help ventilate rooms and reduce humidity before it becomes a problem.

6. Monthly Savings

It gives you simple phenomena of saving money as installing energy-efficient windows will no more require heating your home in the winter and cooling it in the summer is much harder with single pane wooden windows. Believe it or not, your single pane windows don’t do a great job of retaining indoor temperatures.

7. Environmentally Friendly

Since the room is left at the optimized temperature with not much of heat or coolness and thus it is not only an effective way to save money but it is directly saving the environment as fewer resources are burnt. Running heater and air-conditioners effectively reduce thousands of pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, according to Energy Star.